The Artist

This is the story of another artist because I haven't written my bio yet. COMING SOON!... PROBABLY!

I never went to art school. I loved to paint when I was a kid, but I went to university thinking I would become an engineer. That lasted for a short time. After my first semester I was far more attracted to the marketing courses I was taking as optional curriculum than the numbers of engineering. So I switched over and graduated from the marketing program. Eventually I got an account executive position at a Moncton advertising agency and for about five years all was going well. But everyday I would pass by a brightly painted art supplies store on my way to work. Sometimes waiting for the traffic light to change I would wonder what it was like in there, and thinking I should stop in. Once, as I was daydreaming about learning how to paint, I saw a sign about art courses. “Art class, at my age? Art classes are for kids and retired people. I don’t know if I’d want to take an art class… maybe I could teach myself.” The honking horns brought me back to traffic and I was off, thinking no more about it.


Except one day I found myself veering off my usual path, and right into the parking lot. Before I knew it, I was in the store and asking for help. The sales clerk wasn’t very helpful, but then an older man dressed all in black, came over to help me. In just a few minutes he taught me about brush quality, paint palettes, and palette knives, and paint. And then he was gone. When I took my purchases to the sales clerk I asked about this mysterious man and she said she’d never seen him before.
I wonder to this day if this man in black was real, or sent just to help me get started, because I would have just walked out that door if it weren’t for him. When I got home, I remembered a box that I had tripped over the day before that was addressed to my wife. It turns out that this box was a painting she had bought from a New York artist on eBay for our soon to be dream house. When she showed me the abstract painting I was drawn to the texture, the color, even the smell. I was hooked. I told her about the art supplies I had purchased that day, and that I was going to play around with painting. She didn’t take me seriously, until I showed her my first painting. Well, even then I had to show her my painting area in the basement before she believed that I was able to create a piece of art that she actually liked.